Flask high pressure filters FК.X

THAT 3742-009-24363138-2015

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Purpose and scope

Filters designed to protect pipeline systems from the ingress of foreign particles. The filter is installed before the protected element, captures and collects all solid particles whose size exceeds the cell size of the filter element. The filter can be installed in the pipeline in horizontal position and vertical position. The direction of flow in the pipeline must match the direction indicated by the arrow on the filter housing. For vertical installation the direction of flow should be from top to bottom.

Joining to the pipeline – weld, coupling or flange. The arrow on the body must coincide with the direction of fluid flow.

Used on pipelines for cleaning oil, water (hot and cold), compressed air, technical gases and other environments. Environment is transported in pipelines must meet the NTD.

Filtering element:

  1. Steel 12KH18N10T stainless steel mesh size according to customer's requirement.
  2. Other types of filter elements according to customer's requirement, including plane type.
  3. The coalescence filter element type.

In case of clogging of the mesh filter element, remove the cover, remove filter element and wash it in warm water.

Specifications (PN of 16.0 -42,0)

Working environment

Environment in respect to which the materials used are corrosion-resistant.

Nominal pressure PN, MPa (kgf/cm2)

16,0 – 42,0 (160-420)

Working environment temperature

from -60 °C to +600 °C

Climatic version

U1, UHL1, HL1 GOST 15150 – 69

Driving direction

working environment

In the direction of flow (arrow)

The design of filters ensures manufacturability, reliability during its lifetime, the possibility of inspection (including inner surface), cleaning, flushing, purging and repair, condition monitoring for diagnosis.

Decoding a symbol of filter mesh kovovych:

Filter mesh FC..B.In.G-D

FC – fixture type – "filter washing";

А – weld (P)flanged (F), socket (M)

B the nominal diameter of DN – 006, 010, 015, 020, 025, 032, 040, 050 mm;

В – nominal pressure RN -160, 250, 320, 420 kg/cm2;

G – material case and flange – NJ – 12X18H10T (14KH17N2), With – steel 20, CL – 09G2S;

D – the cell size in the grid, in mm;

Example of designation filter mesh DN 20 PN 160, alloy steel 09G2S with a cell size in a grid of 1.2 mm with weld ends:

Filter mesh FC.P.020.160.CL-1,2.