About plant

Pipeline fittings plant "BIRS Armatura" is a fabrication facility of the industrial group BIRS. The enterprise specializes in development and serial production of pipeline fittings. Within the framework of the current import substitution program the company produces in a full rage isolating, regulating, rotary, check valves and some other types of pipeline fittings.

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The presence of blank, foundry, machining, tooling and assembling production allows to perform 100% quality control of products at all stages of process flow.

We are also completing the works on creation of a technological site for material hardening by vacuum deposition (diamond-like coatings and covers based on titanium nitride) on the working parts of pipeline valves.

Our own design and technological department provides not only support for mass production, but also deals with development and implementation of new equipment and technologies.

The enterprise carries out 100% quality control of incoming materials and body parts manufactured by cooperation, this allows to maintain the required quality level of the products. All goods undergo the necessary acceptance testing, including on a hydraulic bench check at a pressure 1.5 times exceeding the nominal one. Valves are manufactured in accordance with Russian standards (State Standard) and have the necessary approval documents.

The valves produced are intended for use on pipelines of external and internal heat networks transporting hot and cold water, steam; pipelines for petroleum products and natural gas transportation as well as other liquid and gaseous mediums that are not aggressive to valve materials.

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