OOO “BEERS Fittings” produces steel castings by casting on gasified models according to GOST.

Steel casting technology LGM was launched in the beginning of this year, but now casting shop not only provides its own production of castings, but also actively takes orders from third parties.

LGM (molding on gasified models) greatly improves the accuracy of casting. Today, as the main material of casting steel.

For all questions on orders and the site responsible engineer:

телефон: 89877392206


In the company "BEERS Valves" appeared optical emission spectrometer, ACROLEIN. All products, foundry industrial group "BEERS" is the optional output control.

This device is used to carry out fast and accurate spectral analysis of metals and alloys with different bases: Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn, Sb, Ni, Ti, Co, Mg. Used for the quantitative analysis of the composition of cast iron, low alloyed, medium-alloyed, many high-alloyed steels, etc. for most of the known alloying elements and impurities, including sulfur, phosphorus and carbon. Meets the requirements of the standard methods of spectral analysis. The accuracy of the analysis exceeds the requirements of GOST 18895-97 2-10.

We inform you that OOO "BEERS Fittings" is ready to accept applications for determination of chemical composition of metals and alloys and from third parties.

  • Tool-making facilities are equipped with modern high-tech imported (manufactured in Taiwan) CNC machining centers.

  • Assembling production performs assembly operations, ensures the release of all finished products and final test operations.

Принимаем заказы на литье

Литье по технологии ЛГМ, ХТС стальных и чугунных отливок из следующих марок материала:

Марка материала GOST Развес, кг Габариты отливки, мм Класс размерной точности
Сталь 20Л, 20ГЛ, 25Л, 30Л, 35Л, 40Л, 40ХЛ, 45Л,45ФЛ, 45ГЛ ГОСТ 977-88 1-50 от Ø 100*50 до 300*100*200 7-10
Чугун СЧ 20 ГОСТ 1412-85

Литье по ХТС и в кокиль алюминиевых отливок развесом от 3кг до 15кг из сплава АК12 ГОСТ 1583-93;
чугунных и стальных отливок развесом от 20кг до 50кг из вышеуказанных в таблице марок материала.
Класс размерной точности 8 – 10 по ГОСТ 26645-85.