The technological cycle of foundry production company "BEERS Valve" (PHOTOS)

May - 07

The technological cycle of foundry production company "BEERS Valve" (PHOTOS)

ООО «БИРС Арматура» – молодое, но перспективное предприятие, одним из направлений деятельности которого является литейное производство. Стальное литье было запущено в начале текущего года, но уже сейчас литейный участок не только обеспечивает отливками собственное производство, но и активно принимает заказы от сторонних организаций.

Casting at the foundry site of OOO "BEERS Fittings" are manufactured on modern technology LGM (molding on gasified models). The technological cycle of casting consists of 5 main steps: the manufacture of models, forming, metal pouring, cooling of castings, the separation and purification of components.

The production of models made of a copolymer fraction of 0,2 mm. Models are collected in blocks and dried in the chamber at T 40-60°C for 2-3 hours.

Forming blocks models produced on mechanized moulding line (IFF) in special flasks on a vibrating table by means of gradual filling sand in layers.

Fill the metal is directly into the model blocks using polystyrene risers. Hot metal burns (gasified) and polystyrene takes his place. Gases are exhausted through the paint layer into the sand vacuum system. Metal accurately reproduces the shape of polystyrene-block.

Filled in forms are cool in motion on the IFF to the knockout phase forms.

After the shake-out forms from the flask and clean the sand on the vibrating table is the separation of the casting from the Gating system by stumps. Next, the castings are cleaned from the remnants of the non-stick coating.

More detailed information can be found on the website of foundry production company "BEERS Fittings":