• Foundry allows to improve the quality of castings of body parts of valves and significantly reduce the cost of the output product. At the end of December 2017. the foundry started its work.

    Opening his own foundry shop is an important step. Now we can quickly develop new products, solve organizational issues related to the production, and, consequently, faster response to market demands.

    Already in January 2018. the foundry in addition to its own began to accept foreign orders.

    The foundry working on modern technology LGM (molding on gasified models), which significantly improves the accuracy of casting. LGM has been actively implemented in the production plants around the world.

    Technology advantages of LGM:

    • Reducing the number of technological operations;
    • Reduces the number of operations finish treatment of castings;
    • Is reduced to a minimum the amount of waste produced;
    • The reduced costs of auxiliary materials in 3-5 times;
    • Eliminates the use of terminals and equipment for their production, an important step in the protection of the environment.

    As the main material of casting steel.

    For all questions on orders and the shop is responsible technologist: phone 70-90-06; e-mail

  • Tool-making facilities are equipped with modern high-tech imported (manufactured in Taiwan) CNC machining centers.

  • Assembling production performs assembly operations, ensures the release of all finished products and final test operations.