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Jan - 10

OOO "BEERS Valve" opens its own foundry

В конце декабря 2017г. на производстве ООО «БИРС Арматура» начал работу литейный цех. Открытие собственного литейного цеха – важный для нас шаг. Теперь мы можем оперативно осваивать новые виды продукции, решать организационные вопросы, связанные с производством, и, соответственно, быстрее реагировать…

Dec - 13

Valves BIRS PBC – high performance valves

In the “documents” section of the website there is a new directory for manufactured products – dukakiscenter butterfly valves BIRS PBC. Valves BIRS PBC used to process piping in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical, power, metallurgical industry, construction industry and utilities. ...

Dec - 04

Head of "BIRS" spoke about the development strategy of industrial group

Since June of this year, there is an active development of industrial group “BIRS”. On the causes of the enterprises the enterprises of Cheboksary and strategy development described in an interview with the team leader, placed in a trade magazine “TPA”. Head of “BIRS” Vadim Sirotkin spoke about the decision...

Nov - 16

New category in catalogue of “BIRS Armatura” - filters

Company directory “BIRS Armatura” introduces a new filters. Their main purpose – protection of pipeline systems from the ingress of foreign particles. Installed in two positions: horizontal and vertical. Catch and collect the solid particles larger than the cells of the filter element. Today the company offers high pressure filters, high pressure filters kilbowie, filters with quick opening lid, strainers, high pressure.

Sep - 14

"Oil and gas. Fuel and energy complex – 2017"

From September 19 to 22, LLC "BIRS Armatura" presents its products in Tyumen on 24-th specialized exhibition "Oil and gas. Fuel and energy complex – 2017" Part in the Tyumen exhibition "Oil and gas TEK – 2017" is a unique opportunity to show the products...